Wood Shipp


Graduate of University of Utah with BA in Banking, Finance and Economics, minor in Electrical Engineering.  Graduate of Pacific Coast School of Banking.

Trust officer in a bank 10 Years.

Systems Engineering Manager, Senior Systems Engineer, IBM, 30 years, now retired.

Three missions LDS Church, Mission Presidency Texas Dallas Mission, Executive Secretary to Mission President, Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission, Missionary supporting New FamilySearch providing world-wide support via both email and telephone.

Former Bishop, Oak Hills Ward, Cedar Mill Oregon Stake.

Married to Geri Shipp, six children, nineteen grandchildren, five great grandchildren.


 Getting Started with New FamilySearch

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This course is intended for those relatively new to New FamilySearch.  A comprehensive introduction to New FamilySearch, it is intended to acquaint the attendee with it’s functions and capabilities.  The support structure surrounding New FamilySearch will be discussed as well as other products that complement New FamilySearch and provide additional function to New FamilySearch.

The attendee will understand what New FamilySearch does, know how to go about learning to use it, and how to begin to take advantage of the many capabilities that are built in to it.

The attendee will understand New FamilySearch’s  place and function in enabling them to complete their Family History work.

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