Rebecca Baggaley


      Rebecca has a B.S. in Family History-Genealogy from BYU and has been researching her family history off and on for about twenty years. Her ancestors immigrated to the U.S. between 1620 and 1856, and lived in more than 30 different states. Hence, she has done research in every region of America and is fascinated by the historical and cultural differences. Rebecca taught classes in the Family History Computer Lab at BYU and was a researcher with a professional genealogy company for a short time before she had children. She currently serves as a ward family history consultant (again) and homeschools her five children, ages 1-10.

The American Family Past and Present (beginner)

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      "The American Family, Past and Present" will help you see your family tree in a whole new light. We will discuss the history of New England, the South, the Midwest, and far West and how the "typical" American family varies depending on when and where they lived. We will discuss the average age of marriage, number of children, migration, extended family relations, and death and divorce rates, which will help you understand and extend your family tree.

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