Paul Work


He was born and raised in Texas. He served as a missionary in northern Germany for the LDS Church for two years, and during this time, he also identified the location where his grandmother's parents had emigrated from as well as interviewing his great-grandmother's last living sibling and several other distant relatives. Paul later served 13 years in the US Air Force, starting out as an Airman and rising to the rank of Captain. He and his mother have been researching the German family lines for over 30 years, tracing the migrations from multiple locations in Germany proper to Poland, and finally to Ohio in 1901.
Paul remains active in researching these family lines further, trying to identify the origins of all the ancestral forbears that immigrated to Poland between 1782 and 1803. To date, the origin of three of those families remains a mystery. He has conducted research at the Polish National Archives in Warsaw, the Prussian Historical Archives in Berlin, and many of the ancestral villages that his research has uncovered. In these visits, Paul strives to discover the story behind the names and dates, learning about the circumstances of the times and what influences were at play.

2013 Genealogy Fair 

German Migrations in the Maelstrom of History

This is a 41 Page PDF File (14.5 MB - Loads Slow)

       Migrations of ethnic Germans are covered for the time period of 1775 to 1914. Historical events that influenced these migrations are reviewed. Specific migrations that are covered in more detail are from Germany to Poland (1782 - 1804), and from Poland to the US (1880 - 1914). Resources and techniques are discussed for identifying origins of German ancestors and how to trace family migrations. Internet resources are also reviewed.


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