Leslie Lawson



       Forensic genealogist, Leslie Lawson, has done genealogy research for attorneys across the United States. She has a range of experience from proving family lines to reuniting family members as well as proving parentage for those unable to speak due to injury or disability [dementia, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia].

Let's Jump Start Your Genealogy (beginner)

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       Learn how to start you genealogy on paper or a computer program, and then use the Internet to glean more possible sources. Learn what sites genealogists use, and where to go to evaluate genealogy software so as to get the program that you will use!

20th Century Research (intermediate, advanced)

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       Learn skills to help you find those missing people in the last century. How to reassemble their lives, and figure out where they went and where their children are today. We’ll touch on databases available on the Internet, as well as other reference sources to help you find your way.

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