Claire V. Brisson-Banks, BS, MLIS APG®


A Rhode Island native, 2010 graduate of San Jose State University, accredited in England and Mountain States Research, and writer. She is the author of "The Social Media Guide for Ancestral Research: Using Web 2.0 Strategies".

Areas of expertise are Technological Advances in Family History and Genealogy, US, England, Canada, Brick Wall Solutions and Involving Youth in Family History and Genealogy. A past RI Family History Director for 17 years and has researched and lectured onsite in the US, UK and Australia. A British Research Consultant and Technology Specialist at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah and maintains their Facebook presence.

She has her own business “Timeless Genealogies”, does private research and sells personal history books and CD's at She writes for UGA's Crossroads publication, ICAPGENs' Newsletter and is published in a long list of publications (available upon request). Currently the 2nd Vice Chair for ICAPGen and a member of APG®, and many other genealogical societies. When not doing Family History, she loves spending time with her family, reading and writing or enjoying a good movie.

2013 Genealogy Fair 

Keynote -- 

Genealogy & Family History – The Perfect Social Media”

         Web 2.0 provides the perfect way to record and share family history. Internet and mobile-based tools are everywhere. New technology strategies allow for harnessing a network of genealogy communities and locating long lost relatives. Online collaboration, instant communications, e-family histories, documents online and virtual environments bring genealogical research into the 21st century.


Secret Agents: Going where most youth haven't gone search of their ancestors!

       Timelines, pictures, journals and hunting for clues is just the beginning of an adventure in the hunt for one’s ancestors. Unlocking mysteries of ancestral cultures, places and earlier times can be interesting, fun, spiritual and fulfilling all at the same time. Today’s technology makes this possible as all generations can reach out to those beyond the veil and help their ancestors complete their earthly journey into eternity.


Hidden Resources of

       With all websites changes happen, is no different, hidden behind the main page are resources that include databases, access to online records, stories of ancestors, pictures of ancestors, hints and aids to help research methods and learning more information, links to additional help and references to community input with digital access to online books and other reference documents.


Attacking Those Brick Walls

      Inevitably there are brick walls in genealogical research. This tough kind of research takes extra time, effort and money to solve, however, giving up is not the answer. Review of many unusual and little know resources, thinking out of the box and taking advantage of the myriad  Internet resources in combination with various new software.

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