Barbara Hovorka  


      Barbara is currently a northwest area Family History Adviser in the Portland Oregon Temple District with more than thirty years of "on site" family history research experience, throughout the United States and England. She has extensive hands on experience in many areas of interest to family history researchers. Having taught at Portland Community College for fifteen years, she received her genealogy certification from BYU at the Professional Level in 1989 and has worked hard over the years to stay current with new strategies and techniques. She takes great enjoyment from researching her family lines and believes that finding a new great-grandparent is almost as much fun as having a new great-grandchild in the family!

2013 Genealogy Fair 

Hiking the Immigrant’s Trail

       Looking at all the clues for identifying the immigrant in your family: census, military, immigration and passenger list records.


2012 Genealogy Fair 


 Court, Land, Wills, Probate- the How & Why of American Pedigrees

      Understanding types of court records which are helpful to genealogical researchers; taking a look at land, property and taxation records; learn about estates and wills and how the probate process works. Some topics are explored in more detail using real examples.

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 Directories, Newspapers, Obituaries, Cemeteries
(intermediate, advanced)

      Learn what directories have to offer the genealogist and how to use them efficiently; newspaper availability and insights on how to read them and glean important information from them; all about obituaries, funeral homes and cemetery research.

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2011 Genealogy Fair 

 Getting Started, Clues Through Surnames, Personal Inventory

What are the basics and where do I start?  Find out what you already know!

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 A History Lesson - What is the motivation for the Immigrant

History is considered to be your best clue.  His-Story is the place to start.  The world's past is full of our relatives!

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Finding the Immigrant - Where are those Elusive Records?

To cross the ocean with your family requires knowing the best places to look.  Some are right before our eyes.

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